Examples of specific projects Marketing Options has undertaken:

bullseye Case Study | Low Cost Marketing

Client needed a method to maintain growth during some lean years with less budget. After review, we suggested they replace their current market data retrieval company and control their own database and email campaigns.

Outcome: Developed an in-house database for the client. As a result, the client was able to increase the number of annual campaigns from 4 per year to 26 per year, saving money and at the same time increasing the forecast targets.

Role: Designed database structure for efficient targeting. Developed email campaign calendar, created custom designed html email campaigns to fit objectives of client.

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comp guide Case Study | Marketing Strategy & Plan 

Rubik’s Cube launched an education program in the United States to enable youth to experience the benefits of solving the cube. When a student has learned how to solve the cube, the natural progression is to want to do it faster. Marketing Options was retained to write a competition guide and develop and launch a competition element for the campaign.

Outcome: The first competition was held as part of the San Diego Science Festival and included teams from over 35 schools (more than 250 students) followed later that same year with a competition in Washington DC which drew over 100 schools (800 students). This provided the model for all future competitions across the country.

Role: Concept development, partner proposal, planning, budget control, and a very successful execution.

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jilogo Case Study | Sales 

An international B2B publisher retained Marketing Options to develop the US market and increase advertising sales.

Outcome: Transformed an under-producing magazine by developing account base across country generating half million dollars (a 500% increase) in annual advertising revenue.

Role: Researched, sourced and developed strong account base by establishing good working relationships with customers/clients.


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curriculum Case Study | New Product Launch 

While working with the Rubik’s education program, identified a core element missing from the program kit. While the kit included cubes, a solving guide and activities using a cube as a classroom manipulative, it was missing a standardized curriculum to enable teachers to teach students how to solve the cube in a classroom environment.

Outcome: Developed academic enrichment curriculums incorporating mathematical concepts aligned to Common Core and 21st Century Skills. The Instructional Curriculum and the Secondary Education Curriculum in Algebra and Geometry were added to the education kit justifying an increase in price from a break-even price point to a profitable price point.

Role:Co-author and editor. Design, and production of books. Organized and facilitated a Curriculum Review Board. Product pricing and launch.

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baselworld Case Study | Trade Shows/Exhibitions 

An established jewelry manufacturer wanted to increase its international business at a prestigious trade fair in Switzerland. Asked to develop an action plan to generate greater interest in the product line.

Outcome: Initiated a direct marketing campaign to generate increased traffic by sending invitations and planning a reception for customers and press resulting in several new, long-term accounts.

Role: Marketing, publicity, and event planning and development of all collateral materials.


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